Loan FAQs

A round-up of the most popular and frequently asked questions we receive. We are here to help and make the world of loans uncomplicated and as simple as possible.

Sharing the most common Loan FAQs

What loan can you claim a refund against?

The best answer we can give you is, almost every loan in the market. Predominately, we have helped to reclaim loan refunds against:

Doorstep Lenders: Provident, Morses Club and Loans at Home.

Guarantor Lenders: Amigo Loans, Bamboo Loans, George Banco, Guarantor My Loan, SUCO, Trust Two, UK Credit

Payday Lenders: Lending Stream, Ferratum, MyJar, QuickQuid, Sunny

Why could I claim?

If your lender did not make the necessary checks before they gave you the loan, this could be irresponsible lending. It is a lenders responsibly to ensure that people can afford the loan, and not struggle to make the loan payments. If you have found yourself in this situation, this is where we can help. Together with a Claims Management Company, we can help you make a claim and receive a refund against your loan, which was incorrectly loaned.

Claiming back money that you are entitled to

How does it work?

Making a claim is simple and we are here to support you throughout the whole process. Simply submit your claim through our online application form, and once received we will investigate your loan claim and be in touch via email and phone. Please make sure you store our details in your phone.

How long does it take?

From the day you complete our simple online form, we should receive a response to your complaint between 6 – 12 weeks later. If the lender rejects the claim, it may be that we recommend referring your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, in which case it may take a few months longer to resolve.

The complete process from submitting a claim to receiving a refund on average is between 6-18 weeks.

Do be aware of claims management companies offering “fast pay outs” or not explaining the process fully. All Claims Management companies acting on behalf on consumers must follow the same procedure, and therefore time scales.

No Cash, No Fee Service

How much do we charge?

We pride ourselves on offering a “No Cash, No Fee” service which means our fee is only charged on the actual refund you receive. In simple terms, we only get paid, if you get paid. Our standard fee is 30% inclusive of VAT calculated on the refund you receive, nothing more, nothing less. It’s nice and simple!

Do I need to use a company to submit my claim?

No, you do not need to use a Claims Management Company to make a claim against your lender(s) but we understand that it can be daunting for some people to do this, without support and assistance from a knowledgeable source, which is why we are here to help as another option.

If you wish to claim against your lender, you can do this yourself directly with them and even if they reject your claim you can still take this to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If you aren’t sure how to make the claim, you can get free, impartial advice from consumer organisations.

Get in Touch with any Questions or Queries

Can you offer Debt Advice?

No, our service is purely claims related. For free, impartial advice we recommend the Government funded Money Advice Service or Step Change.

How do I contact you?

Simply drop us a message through our contact form or via email at We also can be contacted through online chat and through our social media channels.