Navigating the Loan World

We are here to help you navigate the world of loan refunds by making it simple. We offer an online resource connecting our customers to claims management companies who specialise in helping customers to receive Loan Refunds for a variety of loans including Guarantor Loans, Payday Loans (short term) and Doorstep Loans.

In simple terms this is claiming back money that you, the borrower, are entitled to, due to your lender not making the necessary checks before they gave you the loan.

Helping You to Navigate the Loan World

Which loans and lenders have we claimed against?

A very popular question! The best answer we can give you is, almost every loan in the market.

If you feel your loan was mis-sold at the time the application was made and paid out including any ‘Top Up’s’ we will work with you and the lender to investigate.

Predominately, we have helped to reclaim loan refunds against:

  • Doorstep Lenders:
  • Provident, Morses Club and Loans at Home.

    Guarantor Lenders:
  • Amigo Loans
  • Bamboo Loans
  • George Banco
  • Guarantor My Loan
  • SUCO
  • Trust Two
  • UK Credit

    Payday Lenders:
  • Lending Stream
  • Ferratum
  • MyJar
  • QuickQuid
  • Sunny

The above are the most common lenders we have helped to claim against, but it’s not a complete list!

Customer Feedback:

Another satisfied customer. We love receiving feedback!

We are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or queries, simply drop us a message through our contact form or via email at [email protected]