Provident Loan Refunds

Founded in 1880, Provident Financial is one of the oldest companies of short term and doorstep loans. They provide personal loans of £100-£1,000, over terms of 13-52 weeks, for consumers, with the cash being delivered to your door and repayments collected weekly, also from your home.

Have you ever had a loan from Provident?

If the answer is Yes, you maybe able to claim a refund from Provident Home Loans.

So many loan types but what is the difference?

Provident Customers can Claim:

Doorstep Loans, also known as home credit loans, are used by 1.3 million people in Britain and it’s the practice where a collector comes to your house to collect the repayments, rather than paying them through a bank or standard repayment scheme.

It’s has been documented in the news of instances where Provident have been lending irresponsibly Which means provident customers are able to claim compensation directly with Provident or via a Claims Management Company.

If you claim directly to the lender yourself, you will not be charged anything, however if you require the service of a professional claims management company, please be advised you are likely to pay around 30% of your refund in fee’s once the refund claim is successful.

Provident Refund Success Stories 2020- 2021

We have helped our customers reclaim loan refunds against lenders of Guarantor Loans, Payday Loans (short term) and Doorstep Loans, including more specifically the lender, Provident.

These are just some of the recent pieces of customer feedback we have received. We can help you too!

Claiming a Loan Refund

The Reclaim Experts specialise in helping our customers to receive Loan Refunds for a variety of loans including Guarantor Loans, Payday Loans (short term) and Doorstep Loans. In simple terms this is claiming back money that you, the borrower, are entitled to, due to your leader not making the necessary checks before they gave you the loan.

If you have found that you were unable to pay the loan you could be eligible to claim compensation. Start your claim or get in touch with the experienced Reclaim Experts team who will guide you through the process. Visit this page to see whether you could be eligible to make an unaffordable loan reclaim.

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