Why Use a Claims Management Company

Reclaim Experts is a website which links you and your claim requests to a Claim Management Company.

The Claims management company (CMC) specialise in helping customers to receive Loan Refunds for a variety of loans including Guarantor Loans, Payday Loans (short term) and Doorstep Loans. In simple terms this is claiming back money that you, the borrower, are entitled to, due to your leader not making the necessary checks before they gave you the loan.

We can help you Claim Back a Loan Refund

Remember, no two applications are the same, so it is impossible to state a standard time to receive a response. This may sound frustrating, but it is positive news for the applicant. After all, it means your application is reviewed on its own merits.

You do not need to use a Claims Management Company to make a claim against your lender(s) but we understand that it can be daunting for some people to do this, without support and assistance from a knowledgeable source, which is why we are here to help as another option.

If you wish to claim against your lender, you can do this yourself directly with them and even if they reject your claim you can still take this to the Financial Ombudsman Service If you aren’t sure how to make the claim, you can get free, impartial advice from consumer organisations.

How can you help me?

Simply submit your claim through our online application form, and once received we will investigate your loan claim. In you want to reclaim without the assistance of a claims management company, contact the lender directly. This will save you the cost of using a professional service typically around 30%.

Piggy Bank

Using our services, you will automatically eceive updates when we submit your claim to your lender, throughout the process and when we receive a response from your lender. If we need additional information at any point or need to ask any questions, a member of the Reclaim Experts team will be touch. Likewise, we are always here to help if you have any questions or queries during the process as well.

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