Are you eligible to make a compensation claim?

You could be eligible to make an unaffordable loan reclaim…

Many people qualify for a loan claim but do not realise it. You may be able to make a claim especially if you have taken out a payday loan, guarantor loan or doorstep loan in the past.

If this is true, this may be good news for you.

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Recently announced in the media, if, you like millions of others have had multiple payday loans or Guarantor loans and found the monthly repayments simply unaffordable you may be eligible to make a compensation claim

FCA Regulated Claims Management or DIY

You can find out more information and start a claim using a specialist FCA regulated claims management company Clear Legal Marketing Limited, however you can also make a claim for free following templates offered online by websites like DebtCamel and moneysaving expert.

You can do this yourself directly with the lender(s) and even if they reject your claim you can still take this to the Financial Ombudsman Service

(Other claim management companies and free reclaim templates are available online) 

How Much can I reclaim?

The average payment received depends on a number of factors, the actual figure will become clearer once a claim is made against Amigo and the interest is calculated. Depending on you and your circumstances this could easily turn into £000’s in compensation.

Start a Claim today

Whilst researching payday loan reclaims on Google, seemly customers have been claiming for a number of years, however guarantor loans seems to be much more recent.

The FCA and FOS report a rise in claims, I would suggest you get a claim made sooner rather than later if you think you have a case for an unfair / mis-sold loan.

How much can I reclaim?

Interested in finding out if you are eligible to start a claim ?

Well, it’s quick and easy via a claims management company, however, be advised they charge 30% plus VAT of your compensation, they do all the hard work for you and as specialists, they are used to challenging the lenders and will charge you £30 plus VAT in every £100 reclaimed from the lenders.

Most claim management companies, including Clear Legal Marketing Limited, offer a No Win No Fee service.

Check out Clear Legal Marketing Limited and see what you think:

Start My Claim

You might be entitled to compensation for your guarantor loan if the following apply:


  • You are not in debt management
  • You have had multiple guarantor loans with one lender
  • You previously struggled to repay your payday or guarantor loan
  • You are not bankrupt or under IVA
  • You were unemployed, on benefits or under financial strain when you were approved
  • Your loan was topped up / increased without the correct checks
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Can you Answer Yes?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above – you can Start your claim in a few simple steps;

  • 1. Click here and you will be directed to a dedicated page
  • 2. Complete the quick No Win No Fee form provided by the claims management company 
  • 3. Sit back and wait for an experienced specialist to be in contact

The leading Guarantor Lenders are being contacted daily from customers just like you, if you feel you have a claim don’t delay and check your eligibility today here and find out how much you could potentially claim back from being mis-sold.

Currently, no deadlines are in place, please be aware this isn’t a quick process, anywhere between 8 weeks and many months depending on how quickly Amigo respond – don’t delay if you feel you have a claim.

*This content is not written offering advice, the views are written sharing research and options available online to everyone, by using any commercial partner / company mentioned within this content we may be remunerated in the form of commission on successful applications and or claims.

Start a Claim today

Now Compare has partnered with Clear Legal Marketing Limited to offer its clients the opportunity to reclaim compensation for mis-sold payday and guarantor loans.  Clear Legal Marketing Limited is a Claims Management Company, (registered number 07933243) Ltd whose registered address is Unit 115-119 Timber Wharf, 42-50 Worsley Street, Manchester M15 4LD and who are Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Its registration is recorded on the website Reg No: 833090, Registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Reg No: Z3370717

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