Payday Loan Reclaim Example

How much could you receive as a Loan refund from a Payday lender like Lending Stream, MyJar, Sunny, Quickquid and Ferratum?

We recommend to everyone that you use our Loan Interest Compensation Calculator, before you start a claim, to give you an idea how much compensation you may be able to receive from your lender, as a refund.

Use our Compensation Calculator to see how much you could receive

But what do all the numbers mean on the calculator? To help you understand we’ve put together a little example.

Payday Loan Refund Example

Our fictional customer, Mike, has borrowed a £2000 Payday Loan from a lender. The duration of the loan was 22 weeks and so far, he has made 15 payments (1 per week).

Recently Mike has been unable to keep up the repayments as when he applied for the loan, he did not submit the correct details of his financial situation. The lender did not conduct a full credit check either, or ask for what his outgoings where per month.

Using our calculator, we have inputted these details into our Compensation Calculator, using the slides (as above).

The below image, is an approximation of what Mike could receive as a loan reclaim.

The calculator shows that Mike could be eligible to reclaim over £160 from his loan, if it was found that the loan was issued irresponsibly.

Please remember that amount displayed is NOT a confirmation of a refund and the calculator should only be used as a guide before completing your claim. You can also claim directly to a lender completely free of charge.

If you have experience a similar situation

Like Mike, we can help you too. The Reclaim Experts specialise in helping our customers to receive Loan Refunds for a variety of loans including Guarantor Loans, Payday Loans (short term) and Doorstep Loans. In simple terms this is claiming back money that you, the borrower, are entitled to, due to your leader not making the necessary checks before they gave you the loan.

If you have found that you were unable to pay the loan you could be eligible to claim compensation. Start your claim or get in touch with the experienced Reclaim Experts team who will guide you through the process. Visit this page to see whether you could be eligible to make an unaffordable loan reclaim.

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