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Marriage Tax Refund Claims

Are you married? if the answer is YES, you could be due compensation in the form of a Marriage Tax Refund Claim.

You could claim back money that you are entitled to. In 2015, the government introduced a Marriage Allowance, enabling couples to reduce their tax by transferring £1,260 of Personal Allowance to your husband, wife civil partner. Many couples are only just becoming aware of the marriage allowance, with the good news that marriage tax refunds claims can be backdated for up to four years.

If you are married or civil partners, you could claim any marriage allowance that you might have missed or did not claim on time.

How does Marriage Allowance work?

The Marriage allowance lets you transfer £1,260 of your Personal Allowance (your allowance for tax-free earning/income) to your spouse or civil partner, therefore reducing their tax bill.

As an example:

Your income is £11,500 and your Personal Allowance is £12,570, so you do not pay tax.

Your partner’s income is £20,000 and their Personal Allowance is £12,570, so they pay tax on £7,430 (their ‘taxable income’). This means as a couple you are paying Income Tax on £7,430.

When you claim Marriage Allowance you transfer £1,260 of your Personal Allowance to your partner. Your Personal Allowance becomes £11,310 and your partner gets a ‘tax credit’ on £1,260 of their taxable income.

This means you will now pay tax on £190, but your partner will only pay tax on £6,170. As a couple you benefit, as you are only paying Income Tax on £6,360 rather than £7,430, which saves you £214 in tax.

Who can apply for a Marriage Tax Refund?

2.4 million out of 4.7 million couples currently qualify for this and are missing out on a refund. You can benefit from Marriage Allowance if all the following apply:

  • you’re married or in a civil partnership
  • you do not pay Income Tax or your income is below your Personal Allowance (usually £12,570)
  • your partner pays Income Tax at the basic rate, which usually means their income is between £12,571 and £50,270 before they receive Marriage Allowance.

It will not affect your application for Marriage Allowance if you or your partner:

  •  Are currently receiving a pension.
  • Live abroad – as long as you get a Personal Allowance.

Why could I receive a Marriage Allowance Refund?

The marriage allowance was first introduced in April 2015 and you can claim any Marriage allowance that was not used or claimed within the last four years. This means that you can claim backdated Marriage Allowance to 2017.

How do I make a claim?

Our claims process is easy and hassle free. Simply start your claim using the form below, or get in touch with the experienced Reclaim Experts team who will guide you through the process.

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